Liability and Disclaimer


Herein "you/your" refers to user, visitor, customer, or any person who avails/uses SGC Pay services whereas "we/our/us" refers to SGC Pay, its affiliated website(s)/App(s), service providers, contributors or another person(s) related to SGC Secured Gold Coin.

Information, Content, and Actions:

The app, services, website and its subdomains provide general purpose material and information and declines any kind of responsibility for user’s actions. It clearly states users not to rely on the information provided here only for any legal, investment, business or financial advice by asserting that users are responsible for all their actions reliance on any chapter or content published on the website, app any parts of it. You also accept that no contributor, website or iOS, Android application owners are/will be responsible for user’s actions, and behavior taken or not taken on behalf of the site, its app or any parts of them.

Risk Related to SGC Pay

You agree that SGC, SGC Pay, or any of its team members, management, leading bodies, authorities, owners or contributors are not liable for any risk, damages, loss or claims in any of the following scenarios:

  • Forgotten passwords, sending payments to the wrong addressee, deliberate or deliberate wallet or ID deletion or any misconducts observed by user or occurred at user's end
  • Software or hardware problems such as malware attacks on any service or software related to SGC Pay, corrupted files, unsafe cryptographic libraries, incorrectly constructed transactions, data theft, data loss or/to storage damage
  • Unauthorized access to SGC Pay account, or other security issues, the effect of third parties actions, frauds, attacks, bankruptcy, or other issues based on the conduct of third parties events
  • Any other kind of email, social media, in-app, letter, message, call scam pretending to be SGC Pay
  • Any transaction, send/receive, with/to/from scammers and forgers and other fraudulent actors or activities


SGC Pay and its website offer the entire information, data, content, material, and services on as is basis\ without being obliged to any warranties related to anything.

Liability Limitations:

In any case, website/app owners, contributors, moderators, or other relevant authorities are not liable to any kind of damage/loss, including but not limited to/of property, use, profits, data, information that in any way connected or not connected to us.

Loss of Investment:

We are also not obliged/responsible for risks associated with money over short or long periods, any fluctuations in the price of the currency or any loss of money following the wrong process, or wrong addressee.

Taxes Obligation:

SGC Pay is not liable for providing/determining taxes applicable to transactions. We declare that users are solely responsible for any taxes, if applies.


You agree to resolve/sort out any dispute arising from SGC Pay or its connection or disclaimer through arbitration rather than courts except for copyright matters. The arbitration article does not imply to login trademark, names, or trade secrets.

Last Amendment:

We reserve right to amend, change, delete or introduce any new clause in this document at anytime without your consent. Any amendment will be listed here along with new date. The document was last updated on July 17, 2019.

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