SGC Pay's privacy policy or policy entails information about how we (SGC Pay, Website, contributors, license holders,etc.) use/keep and share your (customer, user) information for/on the website and its app. This policy applies to all our products and services.

Personal Information:

Whenever you visit/login/sign up/register/fill up SGC Pay, form, section, anti-money laundering info deliberately or undeliberately we collect/keep your personal information, including but not limited to:

  • Name, email, date of birth, locality, gender, picture, postal address, identity, employment details, and utility bills
  • Payment details e.g., transaction history, bank details, debit/credit card details, financial statement, SGC Pay transactions and actions records
  • Any information you provide/love to provide us anytime for any purpose.
  • The information we collect from third-parties, agencies, public ledgers/databases, ID verification partners, channel/marketing/business partners, and social media
  • Cookies information including browser name, device info, IP address, location, date, and time for enhanced user experience. User may refuse cookies; however, in such a case, he may miss some/major part of the app/site
  • You can, at any point, ask us to delete your personal and financial information

Where We Use Your Information?

We ensure the correct usage of your information respecting your privacy concerns. We use your information in the following scenarios.

  • For legalizing/performing contracts with you to ensure the provision of our services or products
  • To reach you where it is necessary and to identify/differentiate you from other clients/customers
  • To abide by transparency, legal obligations for prevention against financial/personal/group frauds, offenses and criminal activities
  • To satisfy your queries, questions, misconceptions, ambiguities
  • To comply with legal requirements, i.e., anti-money laundering, financial scams, etc
  • For better technical support
  • To update you about new offers, services, products, and other marketing activities (but you may opt-out any time)
  • For advertisements and content posting

Whom We Share Your Information?

We may share your personal data with:

  • We can share your personal data with third parties whom you allow us to share
  • When necessary with third-parties for marketing, data collection, statistical/research or other purposes with/without your consent
  • With our business partners, internal groups, administrative departments
  • Government and law enforcement agencies and financial institutes
  • Legal authorities and courts
  • With vendors, service providers, suppliers

About Cross-Border Transfers:

We may share your information with recipients residing other than the country we have originally collected the information. That country's data law may vary from that of the original's state. For any such event, we may create a contract for the utmost safeguard of our customers.

Don't Want to Accept SGC Pay Policies?

By using our services, you acknowledge that you abide by the process described above, and other as applies. We recommend you to write to us for further clarification and details if needed. If you don't oblige with our privacy policy, we strongly recommend you not to use our services. Have already created your account? You can delete it and request us for further assistance.