Modern Payment Solution

A global payment app to let you send, receive and exchange electronic cash. SGC PAY has been integrated with built-in currency exchange, and debit card options to let the users with a hastle free experience.



SGCPAY comes with a number of features all aimed at making your life easier by incorporating as many payment options as available

Peer to Peer Transfers

You can now use your phone number/email address to send money through SGC PAY’s Peer-to-Peer money transfers.

International Money Transfers

Use your phone number/email address to send money internationally or exchange currencies at current prices.

SGCPAY Debit Card

Withdraw money from any Debit Card associated ATM anywhere around the world, shop online or pay household bills with SGC PAY Debit Card Integration.

Deposit Funds

Top up your SGC PAY Wallet with a debit or credit card, direct bank transfers, Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Payments, or by scanning QR code, available at any agent.

Currency Exchange

SGC Pay Wallets can be used as a multi-currency wallet, allowing you to convert or exchange fiat currencies.


Following key principles of convenience, simplicity, and speed, SGC PAY is accessible through Apple and Android device with its full functionality all within the palm of your hands.

SGC PAY Mobile Wallets

SGC PAY is an application that lets you create e-wallets for multiple currencies from around the world under the one hood. You can create different wallets of different currencies and exchange them at your convenience.

Download our App right now to experience the new world of currencies.

Deposit Money

    SGC PAY enables you to topup your app through multiple channels. You can deposit money to you SGC PAY App from
  • Mobile Money
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • SGCPAY QR Code
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

Withdraw Money

    SGCPAY allows you to withdraw or spend money from a number of available options like
  • SGC Pay Debit Card
  • Mobile Money
  • Withdraw from Bank
  • Scanning QR Codes